DevOps python pytest unit-testing

Send Unit Tests report and coverage to Sonarqube

Sonarqube is a code quality inspection tool able to detect bugs and security vulnerabilities. In this article, I show how to integrate a python project with this amazing tool

Dev django python unit-testing

Model fixtures loading using django-pytest

While switching from unittest to pytest on a Django projects, dealing with models' fixture in a simple way could become challenging.

DevOps windows usb

Create a bootable Windows USB stick from linux

Create bootable Windows USB installer, no matter how big

Dev ssg hugo

Photo gallery automation

Hugo is an amazing Static Site Generator (SSG) written in Go allowing any dev or tech enthusiast to easily generate rich websites / blogs without struggling with any CMS. Before digging into this section, I would recommend that you take a look at Hugo's quick start

It should be as easy …

DevOps k8s kilo vpn wireguard

Access cluster's internal services with WireGuard

Context and need

Some services on a k8s cluster are meant to be publicly accessible, others like dashboards administration consoles or monitoring systems do not. Depending on where your cluster is and whether your cloud provides private networks, the only way to access those consoles would be through an ingress …

Data esb security wso2

CI/CD gitlab pipelines for ESB projects


  • the Carbon console is ugly: the less you see it, the better
  • development and testing are iterative processes: you might need to deploy several versions before everything is OK and you do not want to perform these actions manually
  • you need a simple way to determine which version of …
Data esb security wso2

Information Leaks with ESB projects

When dealing with WSO2 ESB projects, you have to be especially careful with headers, for a lot of sensitive data might leak through them. Let's take an example. Here we have a typical usage of the ESB: expose a REST API to interface some services with a legacy SOAP back-end …

Data esb security wso2

Implement token renewal authentication while calling an Oauth2 backend

Here is an other limitation of this product: it does not deal with Oauth authentication so you need to create your own sequence to deal with it. Let's call it auth_oauth.

Before you call any resource that require oauth authentication, run the following sequence.

<sequence name="auth_oauth" trace …
DevOps monitoring splunk

Splunk: first glance

Splunk is an amazing tool to aggregate logs, parse them and display metrics from all your Information System. The learning curve is quite smooth. However, the current official documentation of such a modular system might complicate the first approach a bit. Here are some landmarks.

General idea and architecture

As …

Dev shell sh

Associative arrays in non-bash shells

Bash 4 introduced the ability to declare and deal with associative arrays in a very pythonistic way, like so:

declare -A some_array        # create the array
some_array[key] = 1          # put value
echo ${some_array[key]}      # get value 

Hooray! However, depending on the context, bash 4 or even older bash …

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