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DevOps python pytest unit-testing

Send Unit Tests report and coverage to Sonarqube

Sonarqube is a code quality inspection tool able to detect bugs and security vulnerabilities. In this article, I show how to integrate a python project with this amazing tool

DevOps windows usb

Create a bootable Windows USB stick from linux

Create bootable Windows USB installer, no matter how big

DevOps k8s kilo vpn wireguard

Access cluster's internal services with WireGuard

Context and need

Some services on a k8s cluster are meant to be publicly accessible, others like dashboards administration consoles or monitoring systems do not. Depending on where your cluster is and whether your cloud provides private networks, the only way to access those consoles would be through an ingress …

DevOps monitoring splunk

Splunk: first glance

Splunk is an amazing tool to aggregate logs, parse them and display metrics from all your Information System. The learning curve is quite smooth. However, the current official documentation of such a modular system might complicate the first approach a bit. Here are some landmarks.

General idea and architecture

As …

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